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Umaru Shinkafi Centre for Africa Extractive Policy Research (USCAEPR) is a not – for – profit research institute established on 8th September 2009 as a Company Limited by Guarantee in Nigeria with RC 843546, initially as Centre for Petroleum Law Research and later in 2013 to Centre for Petroleum and Mineral Law Research.


Our institute is named in honour of Alhaji Umaru Shinkafi, CON,NPM, Marafan of Sokoto in enduring recognition of his monumental contributions to the integration of African economies endowed with extractive resources during his tenure(from 1975-1977) as the Chairman of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) Committee on Conciliation and Reconciliation.

Umaru Shinkafi was born in 1937 at Kaura Namoda, Zamfara State. He joined the Nigerian Police Force in 1959, on completion of his secondary school education where he was the best graduating student in English Language and Arabic in his class and upon training at the leading detective academy in England. In 1973 he graduated from the University of Lagos and a year later, he graduated from the Nigerian Law School. He was the Nigerian Minister of Internal Affairs and Alternate Minister for Foreign Affairs between 1975 and 1978 and later became the Director – General of the National Security Organization in 1979 ( a position equivalent to that of today’s National Security Adviser).


The establishment of USCAEPR arose from the urgent need to develop cutting edge project negotiation, arbitration, fiscal, contractual and supply chain competence in the oil, gas and mining sectors in favour of Africa.

The conceptualization of USCAEPR has taken cognizance of the reality that the aspiration of  African governments towards the attainment of local content in the oil, gas and solid mineral sectors has tilted more in the training of petroleum engineers, geologists and technicians, without a corresponding commitment to nurture and train a world class corps of first rate indigenous policy makers, lawyers, tax advisors and arbitrators with understanding and skills to negotiate and draft the best possible terms in extractive and energy sector transactions. USCAEPR strives to close this gap. More significantly, we aspire to become Africa’s leading think tank and resource programme on petroleum and mining legislative, contractual, fiscal and policy matters.


USCAEPR is funded through grants and endowments by international development agencies and multinational extractive sector companies on tax deductible basis.


USCAEPR is a not – for- profit company limited by guarantee under Nigerian law and we are also registered as a “training institute” by the Federal Ministry of Education of Nigeria.


USCAEPR was established in furtherance of the determination of the oil, gas and solid mineral bearing countries in Africa to attain, at the least, substantial local content in these sectors of the economy and cognizant of the huge disparity between peer reviewed oil, gas and solid mineral bearing human capacity training institutions in Africa.



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