October 2017 1st Weekend NDA / USCAEPR STAFF Registration / Induction
    October 2017 3rd  Weekend Dr N.M.Muhammed ESM 710
November 2017 1st Weekend Professor O.O.Omorogbe ESM 711
November 2017 3rd  Weekend Professor I.L.Worika ESM 712
   December 2017 1st Weekend Professor I.L.Worika ESM 713
   December 2017 3rd  Weekend Dr. S. Kasim ESM 714
January 2018 1st Weekend Dr. P. Dema ESM 715
January 2018 3rd  Weekend Dr. J. Tolorunse ESM 716(Petroleum)
February 2018 1st Weekend Dr. S. Amadi ESM 716 (Electricity)
February 2018 3rd  Weekend Holidays Holidays
March 2018 1st Weekend Preparation of Class Assignments All Modules taught so far
March 2018 3rd  Weekend Dr Heleen Van Niekerek

ESM 716(Mining)
April 2018 1st Weekend Submission of Class Assignments / Examinations All Modules taught so far
April 2018 3rd  Weekend Holidays Holidays
May 2018 1st Weekend Dr.J.Tolorunse ESM 717
May 2018 3rd  Weekend Professor E. Pereira ESM 717
June 2018 1st Weekend Mr. M.Yabo ESM 718
June 2018 3rd  Weekend Professor Y. Yusuf



Professor O.O.Omorogbe

ESM 719 (Supply Chain)


ESM 719 (Trans –National Pipeline Projects)

July 2018 1st Weekend Dr. P.Dema ESM 720
July 2018 3rd  Weekend        Dr. S.S’aad ESM 721
August 2018 1st Weekend Mr. Ahmed Yabo ESM 722
August 2018 3rd  Weekend Submission of Class Assignments / Examinations All Modules taught so far
September 2018       1st Weekend Holidays Holidays
September 2018 3rd Weekend Professor A.Sanni ESM 723


October 2018 1st  Weekend Dr. P. Dema / Mr. M.A.C.Dike ESM 724
October 2018      3rd   Weekend Dr. P. Dema / Mr. M.A.C. Dike ESM 725
November 2018     1st  Weekend Professor K.Engel ESM 726
November 2018     3rd  Weekend Dr. J.Tolorunse /

Dr.N.M.Muhammed/ Dr.P.K.Oniemola

ESM 727 or

 ESM 726


December 2018 1st   Weekend Submission of Class Assignments All modules taught so far
December 2018       2nd  Weekend Examinations Examinations
January 2019 2nd   Weekend Dr.P.K.Oniemola ESM 730
January 2018        3rd Weekend Holidays Holidays
       March 2019        1st   Weekend  Resit All Modules
April 2019 4th   Weekend Submission of Dissertations All Topics



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