MESM Programme


The imperative for the Master’s in Energy Security Programme (MESM) programme has been orchestrated by the fact that whereas African governments have focused on the attainment of local content in the energy and extractive resource sector, and whereas this focus has tilted more in the training of energy and extractive sector engineers, geologists, electricians and technicians, without a corresponding commitment to nurture and train a world class corps of first rate indigenous lawyers, taxmen, supply chain specialists and arbitrators with understanding and skills to negotiate, draft and management the best possible transactional terms in favour of Africa for the energy and extractive sector value chain.


On completion of the MESM programme, graduates would fully appreciate the geo – politics of energy and extractive sector ownership and production in Africa from a tripartite pre-independence perspective and relate these political cleavages to the present day sovereignty over energy and extractive resources in Africa as they pertain to licensing of energy and extractive sector upstream companies in Africa.

Graduates would also be able to effectively negotiate and draft robust energy and extractive sector contracts, as well as prepare investment proposals, supply chain plans, budgets and work programmes and also advice on effective tax and royalty regimes for particular contracts in the energy and extractive sector in Africa in addition to working as project managers and arbitrators in the energy and extractive value chain.


The MESM programme is robustly structured as a research master’s degree on the inter-disciplinary concerns on energy security of African countries and its interaction with national security. It also focuses on the drafting, negotiation and management skills for the investments, financial, tax, royalty, contracts administration, project management, supply chain management, trans – border maritime, legal and arbitration aspects of the oil, gas, mining, electricity and renewable energy sectors of African countries.

It is pursuant to the above focus that the MESM programme covers the syllabus and deliveries that are known with the disciplines of LLM, MBA and MPA with an international benchmark and from an African perspective. The MESM programme shall discuss energy security threats from the producers as well as from the buyers’ perspectives.

The MESM programme shall similarly introduce students to legacy and contemporary issues pertaining to the ownership of energy resources in Africa and how these legacy issues have affected the development of the energy resources in the continent as well as the continent’s long term strategic interests.

The MESM programme shall include study tours to an African as well as a North Sea location.

The MESM programme shall use world class peer reviewed approach and training that are knitted in emerging licensing regimes for the extractive and electricity sectors.


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